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Initiatives in Protecting Personal Information

Basic Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information of the Japan Oil Transportation (JOT) Group

Japan Oil Transportation and the Japan Oil Transportation Group realizes the importance of personal information obtained through business activities and believes they hold a social responsibility to protect this information. Therefore, we are taking the following initiatives.

  1. Individually Respecting Personal Information
    We clarify the purpose for using personal information, gather it with the consent of the provider and use this information within the necessary range to attain our goals. We offer services such as disclosure and corrections of personal information within a reasonable scope if requested.
  2. Personal Information Protection System
    Our internal system clarifies the roles and responsibilities when carrying out these policies under the authority of the Personal Information Supervisor.
  3. Safety Management of Personal Information
    All personal information is correctly managed using necessary measures so there are no problems such as loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage due to reasons including unauthorized access, theft or embezzlement. In addition, we carry out proper management and supervision when personal information is entrusted with an outside party.
  4. Ordinances Regarding Personal Information and Other Rule Adherence
    We strictly adhere to laws and ordinances pertaining to the protection of personal information as well as internal regulations.
  5. Continuous Reform of our Compliance Program
    We have developed a compliance program regarding the protection of personal information and we train our employees in this matter. This program undergoes continuous reviews and reforms to comply with factors such as business operations, laws, the social environment and environmental changes.

Purposes for Using Personal Data

We use personal data held by the Japan Oil Transportation and the JOT Group to provide accompanying services.

  1. Transportation of petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, etc.) by rail tank car and truck
  2. Transportation of high pressure gas (LNG, etc.) by rail freight container, truck and an intermodal transportation system
  3. Transportation of materials such as petrochemicals by rail freight container, truck and an intermodal transportation system (domestic and international), leasing freight containers, rental and leasing of rail refrigerated and freezer freight containers
  4. Solar power generation business
  5. Real estate renting
  6. Other business activities related to or accompanying the above business activities
    (1)Recruitment, contacting and inquiring with shareholders and retirees
    (2)Contacting and inquiring about other general business matters


Japan Oil Transportation(JOT) Personal Information Contact Office (of the General Affairs Department)
1-11-1 Ōsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tōkyō (Gate City Ōsaki West Tower 16F)
Postal code:141-0032
TEL:03-5496-7671(Operation Hours Weekdays 9:00~12:00, 13:00~17:30)