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Focusing on a society and planet in which people can live.
The Japan Oil Transportation (JOT) Group aims to become a distribution company group for the modern era which is trusted and selected by its customers.

For over half a century, we here at the JOT Group have continued to provide transportation services for various commodities which support Japanese industry and people's daily lives. We have strived to become a distribution company group which meets various demands and is trusted as well as selected by its customers while focusing on society, lifestyles and values which change with time. We offer distribution services such as oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG), chemicals, perishable foods and general cargo in a safer, more secure, more economical, faster, more convenient and more eco-friendly manner. We are constantly pushing our possibilities further for our customers, for society and for the environment. Specific examples include providing a new intermodal transportation-based distribution service and the promotion of modal shift. Our pride along with our senses of responsibility and duty as a distribution company group which provides support for Japanese industry and people's lifestyles helps us put forth all of our efforts in offering advanced distribution technology and higher quality distribution services which were created based on the customer's needs. We are heading into a modern era of distribution while focusing on people, society and the earth in present times and the future.

Focusing on a society and planet in which people can live.

We fulfill our responsibility to the future
with thorough safety and high-quality service