Striving for safety
Guaranteeing safety is the social mission of JOT Group as we conduct our transport business, and we work tirelessly day and night to perform our duties with the highest priority on safety.


At JOT Group, we attach a sticker reading "SAFETY 1st" to our containers, tanker trucks, tractors, and other equipment as a group-wide symbol of safety, which allows us to always keep safety awareness in mind and to deliver safety and reliability to our customers.


The JOT Group Safety Management System

Based on the safety policies and action plans formulated by the "Group Safety Planning Headquarters," this system has at its core the "Safety Offices" of companies in the group, which work to proactively develop safety activities.
The JOT Group Safety Management System

The JOT Group Safety Management System

Safety Excellence Workplace

Safety Excellence Workplace
This certification system was implemented in 2003 by the Japan Trucking Association (the designated national motor truck transportation business rationalization operation implementing agency) after negotiation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in order to evaluate the safety of truck transportation businesses and make such information widely available. In order to deliver safety and reliability to our customers, JOT Group has been encouraging its workplaces to obtain this certification commonly known as "G-Mark"; at present, nearly all of our offices have been awarded the certification.

Conducting safety audits

Led by the Group Safety Planning Headquarters, we conduct "safety audits" on all of our garages and depots. These audits ascertain whether or not rules and procedures are being followed and correctly put into practice as we strive to thoroughly enforce our "SAFETY 1st" policy. Moreover, in the unlikely event that a serious accident occurs an "Accident Investigation Committee" is launched and the entire JOT Group comes together to determine the cause of the accident and inspect related preventative measures, with the goal of preventing similar accidents from taking place in the future.


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