JOT—Not just oil

While of course we deal with oil, JOT Group also plays an active part in areas that hit quite close to home, transporting everything from chemical goods to raw ingredients for food and drink products.

At JOT Group, we handle the transport of over 200 different types of products! Not only do we transport oil—our company's namesake—we also deliver a large number of items that are used as raw materials for products that support our daily lives. Here we would like to introduce some of the cargo transported by JOT Group, which plays an important part in everyday life.


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Japan Oil Transportation(JOT)
1-11-1 Ōsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tōkyō (Gate City Ōsaki West Tower 16F)
Postal code:141-0032
TEL:03-5496-7671 (switchboard) / FAX:03-5496-7856