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Conveying energy to homes and industries.
We will continue to meet the diverse needs of our time through rail transport and truck transport.

We deliver not only fuel oil, but also cargo such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other high-pressure gases, chemical products, and perishable foods safely and reliably to the places they need to go. We consistently and economically carry the energy for people’s lives and jobs. For a long time, JOT Group has steadily fulfilled a role that society simply can’t do without.
We are approaching a new era in which we must consider changes in the state of the Japanese economy in addition to reducing the environmental impact of all areas of industry. In order to be the distribution partner that our customers choose heading into the future, JOT Group will continue to seek new distribution possibilities with a customer-centric philosophy, making optimal use of rail transport and truck transport to meet the diverse needs demanded by future generations.

For distribution solutions with high added value.

As rail transport and truck transport experts, JOT Group strives to provide distribution services that are valuable to our customers.
We offer shipping plans that increase the competitive power of a business by making full use of our nationwide network of rail freight stations and the mobility of our trucks. In addition, we interact with our customers via a single point of contact, allowing us to offer a one-stop solution in which the entire distribution flow is centrally managed.
Our ultimate goal is a distribution solution with higher added value that enables us to increase the satisfaction of our customers even more.

For distribution solutions with high added value.

A composite integrated transport system that makes use of various methods of transportation such as railroads, trucks, and ships.
We propose a distribution system for the modern era which focuses on price, convenience, and environmental factors.

In today’s world, economic activity is simply not possible without giving serious thought to challenges that businesses face such as environmental issues like global warming and air pollution, the depletion of resources such as oil used for energy, and cost reduction and laborsaving strategies. In the midst of this, focus is being given to using railroads and ships rather than automobiles for distribution and converting to transportation methods which are more considerate to the environment (modal shift).
At JOT Group, we promote modal shift by engaging in “composite integrated transportation” which links together railroads, trucks, and ships. We offer shipping plans that are best suited to the distribution needs of our customers, contributing to transportation cost reduction, energy saving, and labor saving by acting as their agent with regard to all types of procedures.

Eco Rail Mark
In addition to being continuously recognized as a “Modal Shift Initiative Superior Business” since 2003 by the Japan Federation of Freight Industries (a general incorporated association), JOT is also an “Eco-Rail Mark Supporting Company” of the Railway Freight Association (a public interest incorporated association).

The merits of composite integrated transport

  • Reduces environmental impact
    While based on the merits of truck transport, composite integrated transport also makes effective use of railroads and ships to enable the reduction of CO2 emissions per unit volume of cargo.
  • Improves transport efficiency, creates stable transportation
    In addition to improving transport efficiency by using railroads and ships to move high volumes of cargo over long distances, using a variety of shipping methods ensures stable lines of transportation even in times of emergency.
  • Helps cope with driver shortages
    Composite integrated transport is an effective remedy for driver shortages, which are becoming a serious problem. Leaving long-distance transportation to railroads and ships and allowing truck transport to focus solely on pickup and delivery is the most effective use of personnel.
  • Reduces road congestion
    Decreasing the rate of truck transport contributes to the reduction of chronic road congestion. What’s more, relieving drivers of having to operate for long periods of time and over long distances is also connected to the prevention of traffic accidents and improved working conditions.


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